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ENVS 102, Earth and Environmental Science II

    An interdisciplinary introduction to the scientific study of the earth's physical and biological systems with an emphasis on environmental changes and their implications. This course is intended as a foundation course for the Environmental Science major and is designed to be a general education science elective for all students.



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ENVS 211, Physical Geography

    A survey of the planet earth with an investigation into its natural features as well as changes in those features.  The atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere will all be studied using local, regional and global examples.  This class is intended as a basic geography class for Education majors, and will incorporate pedagogical techniques for teaching these concepts to students.

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ENVS 238, Introduction to Research
ENVS 428, Individual Research in Environmental Science
SCIE 670, Independent Study in Science

    These courses are designed to train students in the rigors of scientific inquiry.  Students will explore an environmental topic using literature searches, interviews with experts in that field, and data collection and assessment.  These courses are unique in that the student is working individually (or as part of a small team) with a faculty mentor, seeking guidance and critical feedback as the project unfolds. 

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ENVS 321, Conservation Ecology

    This course addresses biological diversity at the genetic, population, and species levels. In particular, human impacts on diversity are investigated, and practical approaches to understanding and preventing extinction are explored.  In addition, the mechanisms underlying large-scale ecological processes and their changes across space and time are examined, with the relationships among landscape structure, resource distributions, and populations also studied.  

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ENVS 340, Remote Sensing

    Remote sensing is the acquisition and analysis of data about an object with which you are not in contact.  This involves capturing the energy (including visible light and heat) emancipating from the object.  Here, we focus on the theory of remote sensing and address the types of platforms (e.g., SPOT, LANDSAT, AVHRR) used in acquisition.  Lab time is spent leaning how to interpret and analyze aerial photos and satellite imagery.  Emphasis is placed on real-world application of remote sensing principles.

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ENVS 380, Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    The goal of this course is to offer students hands-on experience with all components of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  By providing sound training in GIS theory and use, students will gain the necessary foundations for conducting typical GIS projects.  Such skills have become important for a wide range of applications including research, graduate education, and government and professional employment.

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ENVS 490/BIOL 490, Environmental Science/Biology Seminar

    A capstone course for environmental science seniors.  This seminar course will be an opportunity for students to draw together the various areas of environmental science for a detailed analysis of some particular problem of interest to them.  It will also serve as a transition between college and the next step in a student's career.  Special attention will be addressed to using students' interests to develop resumes, cover letters, and to conduct mock interviews.


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